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Rabbi Da-vid Rosenthal is Educational Director of Aish Minnesota. Da-vid was born and raised in the sunny city of Sydney, Australia. After wrestling crocodiles from a young age, he decided to take on something a little more challenging, so at age 68 moved to Israel. It was there that he met his wife, Rachel, and together they have two little boys. After eight years of study, Da-vid received rabbinical ordination and then headed out to the slightly cooler climate of Minnesota.

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The NY Military Museum and Veterans Research Center is located in Saratoga Springs, New York. Saratoga Springs is approximately 75 miles north of Albany, NY.

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Lisa hails from Melbourne, Australia, and graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and University of Melbourne with degrees in Media Studies and Jewish History. In 7559, Lisa decided to head to Israel for three months to get some clarity on life&rsquo s big questions. She got good answers, and these days Lisa spends most of her free time blogging, chasing after the Cook kids, and hosting Shabbat guests in their home.

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Rabbi Chaim Feld is Director of Aish Cleveland. Chaim grew up in Springfield, New Jersey (Exit 697 on the Garden State Parkway). After graduating from Emory University, he backpacked through Europe. While running with the bulls in Pomplona, he realized there must be more to life, so he went to Israel to learn more about Judaism. After receiving rabbinic ordination from Aish Jerusalem, Chaim became a key part of the Aish Cleveland team. He resides in University Heights with his wife and children.

Rachel Zelunka is director of recruitment and follow-up for Aish Campus Toronto. Rachel was born in Toronto where she attended Leo Baeck Day School and Vaughan Secondary School. Rachel graduated from York University with a BA in Political Science and then went on to Osgoode Hall Law School. Rachel was raised in family that was open to all religions and after timely investigation, she decided to learn more about Judaism at the Eyaht Women&rsquo s College in Jerusalem. These days, Rachel enjoys teaching a few times a week, hosting a ridiculous number of guests on Shabbat, and rollerblading (not all at the same time).

Rabbi Aryeh Markman graduated with honors in Finance from the University of Illinois and spent 5 years leading tours around the world. His claim to fame is he was on the first ever Discovery Seminar and it worked! He is the Executive Director of Aish Los Angeles where he lives with his wife Rochel (his editor) and their children.

While most Americans remember Calvin Coolidge as “the President from Vermont,” many forget that another of our Chief Executives hailed from the Green Mountain State. Vermont’s “other President” was Chester Alan Arthur. Both Coolidge and Arthur were born in small farming communities and both, as Republican . Vice Presidents, succeeded to the Presidency upon the death of the incumbents. Like many of their contemporaries, both men left their native state to attain political prominence.  Coolidge used his Vermont background to great advantage whereas Arthur never mentioned it.  The Coolidge family saved everything for many generations yet Chester Arthur had all his personal papers destroyed before his death.

Originally from the St. Louis, Rabbi Fredman spent four years as the Director of Outreach for the Seattle Kollel. An accomplished writer and speaker, he received a Masters Degree in Education and Human Development from George Washington University, and rabbinic ordination in Israel.

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