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Date: 2017-02-23 01:01

I have been having the same problem since I upgraded to Windows 8. I however noticed that this situation arises every time I play Casino Games from Wild Tangent. It does not happens with other programs (not that I have noticed). In my case, I am on the US/Canada Eastern time and my clock switches back between 8 to 6 hours after I play the slots machines. I keep re-adjusting the time to the proper time zone.

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I know you wrote this years ago but wow, I 8767 ve just got to thank you for helping with the time zone problem. I was having major computer problems this week, so I reformatted it back to the original settings and, for some reason, the time zone wasn 8767 t correct. Yours was an easy fix. Thank you!

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My windows 8 computer which I recently updated to windows 65 is set to the Canada Atlantic time (-9:55) because I 8767 m retarded and thought it was my actual time, Eastern US Canada (-5:55) and whenever I try to change it is says

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I have this happening on three seperate Samsung smartpc 555T after I upgraded them to Windows I have changed the internet time but the fix does not last. I keep finding that they (all three PC) will jump to some time in the future never consistant but never in the past either.

Hi Jeff,
This is a recurring bug with Windows 8 that doesn 8767 t have a fix yet. For now, you 8767 ll be needing to reset your clock periodically. Sorry about that!

Any permanent solution to this bug? My Windows 8 install will not keep the correct time set. Every time I reboot I have to fix the clock. Then every few hours even while it 8767 s running, the clock changes on me again. It 8767 s driving me crazy, and I 8767 m afraid all of the time stamps on my files and backups are going to be incorrect.

After switching server i cannot use said server again, and have to move on to the next one. With only 5 to choose from, I am now out of options.

Every time I boot since installing Win8, my clock is off by a few hours. Sometimes one, sometimes three or four. If I update the time using the 8766 update now 8767 button, it corrects it but obviously this is not something I want to do every day. In Win 7 (dual boot) the time is always correct.

Those USING ASUS check if your Clock is moving in the BIOS it could be frozen it 8767 s a known ASUS bug, go to ASUS ROG forums and they have the fix in their sticky section right at the top :)

yo no puedo cambiar la configuracion de hora, que pos supuesto esta mal, porque me dice que no tengo permisos que consulte con el administrador y resulta que la unica cuenta de usuario que hay es la mia ypor supuesto soy el administraodr y a cuenta de usuario tiene esa categoria. entonces que pasa? que hago? ayuda por favor