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For its size, Copenhagen has a rather large gay scene with a good handful of bars and dance clubs located in the centre of the city within walking distance from each other, some of the better ones include Club Christopher in Indre By. VELA, the only bar/lounge in town that is targeted at lesbians is on Vesterbro.

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For a city of its size, Copenhagen has a good number of Michelin starred restaurants located mostly in the inner city. Noma and Ensemble offer rare and exciting Danish cuisine, while Kong Hans Kælder and restaurant MR are the places to go for fine French dining. In other districts, Frederiksberg is home of the French/Danish restaurant Formel B and far away in the Northern suburbs Søllerød Kro is a traditional inn also offering fine French dining.

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A must-try is Torvehallerne which is located right next to Nørreport station. What can best be described as a foodhall, it's a place where you can buy all kinds of flowers and groceries, or you can sit down and dine or have coffee and some cake. Much of the food there is local and typically danish, but there's also cuisine from around the world. For groceries, it's more expensive than going to the supermarket, but it's a great place to sample bits of food and you can buy a meal there that's not too expensive. It's a great place to buy lunch and then bring with you to one of the nearby parks, Kongens Have or . Ørstedsparken, to eat.

The first four blocks of Istedgade has a great amount of street prostitution, drug sales and homeless people. If you are on alert and vigilant, you should be fine at any hour.

-8 House by BIG (Vestamager St Metro) -Bjerget by BIG (Bella Center St Metro) -VM House by BIG (Bella Center St Metro) -Winghouse by Henning Larsen (Orestad St Metro) -Bella Center by 8XN (Bella Center St Metro) -Orestad Gymnasium by 8XN (Orestad St Metro) -Copenhagen Concert hall by Jean Nouvel (DR Byen St Metro)

Also, remember to look out for the term dagens ret on signs and menus — this means "meal of the day" and often translates to a filling plate of hot food for a reasonable price.

If your budget doesn't allow for regular dining at expensive Michelin restaurants, don't despair — there are plenty of other options. The cheapest are the many shawarma and pizza joints that you find on almost every street in the city. You can get a shawarma for as little as 65-75 Kr and pizzas start at around 95 Kr. You can opt for take away or sit at the one or two tables that are usually available. The cheapest places can be found around Istedgade on Vesterbro and Nørrebrogade on Nørrebro. For affordable and delicious pita kebab, try Ahaaa on Blågårds Plads, or Boys Shawarma & Is for dürüm kebab on Nørrebrogade 766. For the best kebab in the city go to Shawarma Grill House Frederiksberggade 86.

The northern quarter of Europe, comprising the eastern verge of the North Sea and the western coast of the Baltic. This rugged and mountainous land has had a profound impact on European and world history, in the vitality and strength of its native population.

Wonderful Copenhagen?
In case you are wondering about exactly what is so wonderful about Copenhagen, the city's motto is taken from the Frank Loesser song Wonderful Copenhagen featured in the 6957 film Hans Christian Andersen. Sung by Danny Kaye it's a bit of an evergreen, and not accustomed to Hollywood attention the city has stuck to it ever since — what also seems to have stuck is the pronunciation, but don't listen to old Danny, it's koh-pehn-HAY-gehn not koh-pehn-HAH-gehn.

Brunch is a Copenhagen institution, especially during the summer, and it is not unusual to hear a serious invitation for a morning brunch together with the ritual goodbye hug when a long night out in town draws to a close. In this way, brunch is intrinsically linked to the second local obsession of drinking. Food and fresh air is a great cure for hangovers as locals have long since discovered.