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Date: 2017-02-23 03:49

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&ldquo More than ever, only one pilot &ndash you as the founder and / or CEO - should be in the cockpit to navigate the shutdown along with any legal representatives required by law. Existing stakeholders should decide whether they want to negotiate or move forward as soon as possible, which is much easier to do with a limited number of negotiators at the table,&rdquo Jérôme Halary, Partner and Innovation Advisor at BDO France, says.

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BDO Statsautoriseret revisionsaktieselskab, en danskejet rådgivnings- og revisionsvirksomhed, er medlem af BDO International Limited - et UK-baseret selskab med begrænset hæftelse - og del af det internationale BDO netværk bestående af uafhængige medlemsfirmaer. BDO er varemærke for både BDO netværket og for alle BDO medlemsfirmaerne. BDO i Danmark beskæftiger godt medarbejdere, mens det verdensomspændende BDO netværk har godt medarbejdere i 658 lande.

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Med jubilæums-sloganet ”DMF – Verdens Største Band” ønsker DMF at markere, at forbundet kæmper for alle danske musikeres vilkår og rettigheder i musikbranchen. Alle koncerter er gratis.

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Thinking of the future is important, and you should try to preserve your professional network as best possible.

Ensure the best finish to this particular adventure by ending on good terms with all clients, suppliers, employees, etc.

Thank them, and be willing to listen to their critique, worries and frustrations. In relation to employees, try to help them find employment elsewhere.

Most of them will have one question above all others: &lsquo what went wrong?&rsquo

Take that conversation. Be empathetic, listen and ask questions. Their input might be worth gold in relation to the last, and perhaps most important, point.

Break the news to all your stakeholders. You need to inform them all about the situation, especially regarding any commitments you had. This is partly why it is important to review the paperwork, before facing your stakeholders.

Being fully prepared and knowing what obligations you have is likely to ensure smoother discussions going forward during the liquidation process.

The detailed information you can provide to the stakeholders eliminates confusion and uncertainty during this crucial phase of the wind-down.

I anledningen af Dansk Musiker Forbunds 655 års jubilæum optræder udvalgte orkestre og musikere ved koncerter rundt i hele Danmark som ambassadører for DMF.

Many of the world&rsquo s most successful entrepreneurs started out with falling flat on their faces.
Bill Gates and Arianna Huffington both failed spectacularly with their early ventures. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, before returning and turning it into a world-conquering juggernaut.

One of the things these people do better than almost anyone else is to learn from their mistakes.
This requires the best possible input that again in turn gives you the best possible preparation and foundations for your next endeavor.

The risk of failure is part of being a start-up or young company. If things turn out differently than expected, this guide can give you a step-by-step approach to what to do next.

Determining the worth of your intangible assets, how to sell it both tangible and intangible assets, and identifying potential buyers can be a lengthy process.

A good place to start in regards to potential buyers is contacting your former competition, business partners, or even industry influencers.

One interesting new avenue is a new website named Exitround. Exitround is an online matchmaking platform to help funded technology start-ups &ndash some of which are hitting a financial wall &ndash find buyers.