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BKChat LDN: Episode 1 - He Broke Up With Me At A Bus Stop!

BKChat LDN: Episode 2 - He Wont Wife Me Because Ive Had Surgery

BKChat LDN: The Reunion Pt.2

BKChat LDN: Honeys Rage (The Aftermath)

BKChatLDN: The Reunion Pt.1

Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean?

BKCHAT LDN: S2 - EPISODE 1 - Celibacy... Whats That, A Drink?

BKChat LDN: Episode 6 - I Have Faith But Do I Really Want To Keep A Rapists Child?

BKChat LDN: Episode 7 - If You Earn More Than Me, You Are Going To Disrespect Me Christmas Special

BKChat LDN: Episode 5 - I Got Down On One Knee, And She Said No?!..Wow

BKChat LDN: Episode 4 - Dont Ask Me How Many People Ive Slept With!

BKChat LDN: Episode 8 - Whether I Have Money Or Not If I Say Shut Up, You Shut Up!

BKChatLDN: Episode 9 - Youre Insecure, Is It My Fault Im Sexy?

BKChat LDN: Episode 3 - If I Pay On The First Date, Were Having Sex!

Hillerød, Denmark: Stunning Frederiksborg Castle


Best places to visit

Frederiksberg and Copenhagen, Denmark - July 5, 2013