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Basically this is an incredibly advanced way of displaying a particular point in time at a particular point in space. You can even work backwards from a horoscope drawing to divine the exact time and place of birth. There are 6995 simple combinations of planets in signs and houses, but astrology gets much, much more complicated than that.

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Astrologers should be forgiven for incorrectly predicting the US election result. It is almost impossible to avoid rooting for the candidate you prefer. Those who predicted a Trump win probably .Læs Mere

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It's a little bit hard to describe myself but all I know is that I am a hard working young lady, I'm very understanding, I love having long, constructive and intreresting conversations. I am self made. I'm educated. I am a strong black woman who believes in love. I love to read, swim, watch document. læs mere

Jeg er ung kvinde, elsker alt smukt. Jeg prøver at udvikle mig. Jeg er venlige og positive, så hvis du ønsker at finde solskin i dit liv, kan du kontakte mig

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FarmaMondo arbejder direkte med lægemiddelproducenter, og udnytter kommercielle veje, der opfylder de lovgivnings- og reguleringsmæssige krav. For på den måde at sikre patienter ved at stille sådanne behandlinger til rådighed for de praktiserende læger, uanset hvor i verden de befinder sig.

The outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not used as “rulers” in sun sign astrology, even though they are related to Aquarius, Pisces and Scorpio respectively. If you want to learn more about sunsign astrology check out my article at: Sun sign astrology

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