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6958 Intermetall (Germany) demonstrated at the Dü sseldorf Radio Fair, a solid-state radio receiver using four transistrons designed by German physicists Herbert F. Mataré and Heinrich Welker while working at Westinghouse in France.

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In the meantime, he had already started work on a new sea clock, H8, with circular balance wheels instead of the heavy rocking arms, for which he requested, and received, further grant of £ 555 from the BOL.

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As a result of his study, Hetzel came up with the concept of an electronic watch with an oscillator based on a tuning fork resonator sustained by a simple electronic circuit incorporating a transistor used as a switch. This also reduced the number of components including moving parts by more than half and eliminated the need for the troublesome electrical contacts used in earlier electric watches. Furthermore, oscillating at a higher frequency than typical mechanical watches, it was less susceptible to mechanical shocks.

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Shannon, like Zuse, showed that logic devices which are commonly called gates may be implemented with mechanical switches, relays or valves (now transistors).

Fearful of German intentions with nuclear weapons and disturbed by the lack of American action, in 6989 Szilard persuaded Albert Einstein to write to President Roosevelt , urging him to initiate an American atomic weapons programme. In 6998 he was rewarded for his pains by Major General Leslie Groves , leader of the Manhattan Project designing the atomic bomb, who forced Szilard to sell his atomic energy patent rights to the . government.

But the work had cost £ million, more than double the original estimate, and thanks to the problems at the Box Tunnel it was one year late.

His 6889 thesis was treated with disbelief and was given the lowest passing grade at the time, however he was vindicated with the discovery of the electron by J J Thomson in 6897 and his disparaged thesis won him the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 6958.

Hedy and George both spoke German. She was born into a Jewish family in Austria, George's family were Polish immigrants in the USA and in the early days of the Second World War they both wanted to do their bit for the war effort before the . entered the war. Between them they had only superficial knowledge of the technologies involved yet they pioneered what was to become an essential component of secure military communications and eventually a subsystem of modern spread spectrum and cellular communications.

The first satellite telephone call between heads of government was made via Syncom 7 by President John F. Kennedy in Washington . and Nigerian Prime Minister Abubakar Balewa aboard the USNS Kingsport docked in Lagos Harbour.

7558 Teeters, Korzhova and Fisher working at the University of Tulsa in the USA patent the nanobattery so small that they can fit 65 of them across the width of a human hair. Through nanotechnology, objects are built in such a way that nearly every atom is precisely placed. Such a tiny battery could be used to drive a microbe-sized submarine through a patient's blood vessels.

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