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'My name,' announced the man in the blue turban, 'is Haji Lal Mohammad. I am a pistachio merchant, who had business in Murghab and am now returning to India. This is a bad stretch of road to be out on after dark a man had his throat cut here not long ago. The nearest robat is only one farsakh off. If you will mount these gentlemen's horses, we will ride on there, and tell the people to send out other horses for your chauffeur and luggage.'

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Are women, as a general rule, more sensitive to smells like fragrance then men are? I ve heard that but not sure how true it is or could be. After all many people responsible for the perfume in men and women s fragrances are men.

Building Attraction: Which Matters More, Looks or

Personally I have never really been able to be really attracted to someone without having some kinda of interpersonal attraction to them. As in attracted to their personality. I have a lot of Demisexual tendancies. If someone is trying to rush me into feeling things from them it works in opposite ways. There have been peple I have been attracte to quickly, but it is because we hit it off quite quickly on getting a feel for eachother s personality and it just worked.

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That s true, especially if someone s made an effort to dress in a way that s congruent with their personality or lifestyle (my experiments with using Tinder while a friend watched over my shoulder revealed that I m repelled by cowboy hats to an almost hilarious degree).

Not a pebble assisted the surface of the road either. When we left the valley, turning from north to north-east, the track was marked simply by two ditches, dug for that purpose, which wound in and out of the troughs of the downs. The grass which had looked so smooth from a distance was full of holes and hummocks every bump threatened to annihilate us. But imperceptibly the distance to Maimena grew less, and we had come about forty miles when Abbas, seeing two turf pillars by the road, suggested that though his headlights left nothing to be desired we should stop here for the night. Feeling we had tempted fate enough for one day, we agreed.

The name of the Governor of Isfahan is Mr Trump-of-Raphael. Before calling on him, I asked one of Wishaw's clerks to translate my letter of recommendation:

To show his appreciation, a newly hired Japanese office worker bought his boss chocolates. But when he found the box unopened, the insulted worker went ballistic, destroying 77 computers. I wish the company president had cared a little more, the employee&rsquo s lawyer said.

Was it the way that, even though they were about to betray him, he gave his co-workers a chance to walk away peacefully before they forced him to beat them senseless?

This settled, I had every facility to explore, accompanied by an intelligent and obliging police-officer. The throw-off of a monument-hunt in a virgin town like Yezd must take place from a convenient height, whence it is possible to see which domes or minarets, by their form or material, give promise of good work beneath. Today, clue after clue yielded treasure, till at the end of the day we were almost too tired to walk home.

Even in the dark, we could perceive the steppe. The headlights died in space, finding nothing to reveal but a passing boar. There came a scent of sweet grass, as on a night in June at home before the hay is cut. At Asterabad the populace were celebrating Mohurram, marching through the streets behind a draped coffin and bearing aloft triangular banners of lights. Many wept and groaned, and such as had their hands free were tearing their clothes and beating themselves, as Shir Ahmad had described. We are staying with an old Turk, who used to be British vice-consul here, and offers to arrange a tiger-shoot for us.