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I have a lava rock area on my side yard with a nice sturdy fence that I would like to grow these on so I can create privacy from my neighbors as well as keep the flies away that gather from them not picking up their dog waste so this spot would be ideal, however i don't want to remove all the rock, will I still be able to grow this in the ground dispersed between the rocks? if not is there something else you can recommend that will climb up the fence and will tolerate the lava rock

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Toronto is a huge city , so all individual listings should be moved to the appropriate district articles , and this section should contain a brief overview. Please help to move listings if you are familiar with this city.

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I moved into my home last June ,now my Sweet Peas are out again for the second time and I love sent is wonderful. I wonder if I can harvest the pods and take out the seeds and plant them for in house till next years planting out side and as gifts. Any ideas, thanks. Mark

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It could be a fungus issue or a root issue. You could take a sample to your local cooperative extension for a diagnosis. Be careful not to overwater. Sweet peas prefer dried-out soil. Water when the leaves start to wilt.

Depending on where you go in Toronto, you will be able to find locally printed newspapers in a variety of languages. For example, in Chinatown, you will find Chinese newspapers. In "Little Italy", you'll find Italian newspapers. You'll also find newspapers in Spanish, Portuguese, Persian, Arabic, Tagalog, Greek and more.

I used to broadcast garlic bulbs in various areas around and in my garden to help with aphid control. I'm pretty sure I read it in something Rodale published. I believe initially I started with it around the roses. Was the only thing allowed within a few feet, little grassy garlic bulblets all around. I NEVER had aphids in them. Lived there for 68 years with the same roses. So i expanded it to the rest of the garden areas where I saw aphids occasionally. I never thought to take it out to the orchard.

I just noticed that where weeds, grass and lupine grow in the field near my garden, that every lupine plant are covered with aphids. I am worried that they might spread to my garden plants. Should I pull out the infected lupine nearest my garden and burn the plants? There are too many plants in the field that are infected to spray them.

October Sr. John and (A short profile of Robert Thill and a short history of Thill Implement is contained in the       issue of Oliver Collector magazine

A weekly pass costs $. It allows unlimited travel from 5:85 . Monday morning, to 5:85 . the following Monday. The weekly pass is transferable, meaning it can be used by more than one person but only one person may be travelling under that pass at any given time.

Over-watering can lead to root rot and yellow leaves. It may also be lack of magnesium in the soil. To cool the roots you can put some ice cubes in a few small pots with holes in the bottom and place them around the sweet peas.

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