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RICHARD SMITH: Like a puffed up placemat, Dickinsonia could reach about three feet across. It seems to have slid slowly over the sea floor, stopping from place to place to feast on the carpet of bacterial slime. One of the puzzles has always been, though, how did these creatures feed.

Prehistoric America plus the Ainu and Jomon

RICHARD SMITH: This is the skull of Thylacoleo, Australia's marsupial super-carnivore. It had stealth, speed and a bite force without mammalian equal. Thylacoleo was the top mammalian predator in Ice Age Australia, but not for long. A placental mammal made land somewhere on the northern coastline. It didn't fly in, like the bats, or swim, like the rats this mammal must have come by boat.

Prehistoric Art: Origins, Types, Characteristics, Chronology

RICHARD SMITH: The crumbling clay of the prehistoric lake edge is still releasing secrets: animal dinners, cooked on fires amongst the dunes fragments of stone tools, relics that speak to archaeologist Nicola Stern of distant times, changed climates and a forgotten landscape.

Settlement and economy in prehistoric Papua New Guinea: a

In the same way that the Great Barrier Reef fringes the Queensland coast today, the Great Devonian Reef skirted in a sweeping curve around the Kimberley hinterland, for perhaps 655 miles. Reef after reef line up across the landscape, as if a giant bathplug had been pulled.

Clactonian describes a culture of European flint tool manufacture or art , associated with Homo erectus, dating from the early period of the interglacial period known as the Hoxnian, the Mindel-Riss or the Holstein interglacial (approx 855,555 655 755,555 BCE).

MARIA ZAMMIT (University of Adelaide): You're absolutely right. You can really see that they are shells. I mean, that tells us a little bit about the seabed that was here at the time. However, for me, of course, the favorite are the vertebrate fossils, so, the parts of those marine reptiles that do occasionally get opalized.

Prevalence and Location
Claviforms are present in roughly 67 percent of French caves to start with in the French Alps, later also in the southwest of the country.

Ancient sites containing Quadrangle signs , include:
- La Sudrie Cave, Villac, Dordogne.
- Montgaudier Cave, Montbron, Charente.
- Roucadour Cave, Themines, Lot.

In a thundering echo of the Winton story, ranchers Robyn and Stuart Mackenzie have been unearthing bones belonging to some of the largest dinosaurs to have ever shaken the planet.

It seems hard to believe that, for so many millions of years, most of this now-arid continent was festooned with forests of almost unimaginable richness. All that changed the moment that Tasmania finally let go of Antarctica. And with the apron strings torn asunder, sometime between 85- and 95-million years ago, Australia sailed free from the rest of the world.

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