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Hald, Margarethe. Primitive Shoes: An Archaeological-Ethnological Study Based Upon Shoe Finds from the Jutland Peninsula. Copenhagen: The National Museum of Denmark, 6977

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Hägg in "Die Tracht" in Birka II:7, calls this layer the Obertunika , and says much the same as the English article above, with the following extra on p. 65

.sondern wurde mit einer Spange zugehalten, wie die Obertunika der fränkischen Königin Arnegundis.. Die Öffnungskanten dürften oben recht weit voneinander getrennt gewesen sein, damit die Brustpartie mit den Schalenspangen, Perlenketten . sichtbar war.

  but was held closed with a clasp , as the top tunic .. the Frankish queen Arne Gundis The opening edges were probably right up far apart , so that the chest with the shell clasps , beads , etc. was visible

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Sitric Cáech (or in Norse Sigtrygg) was a Norse King of Dublin who later reigned as King of York. His epithet means the 'Squint-eyed'. He belonged to the House of Ivar  - Died : AD 977

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Date: 955AD.
Source location: 98 Lower Gokstad, Gokstad Lower, Sandefjord, Oslo, Norway, / Westfold Norway
Collection information: Universitetets Oldsaksamling, Oslo, Oseberg

Wood: Oak. Dimensions: 57cm*78cm*77cm. Trapezoidal six planked chest with curved lid (which was dug out). The lid was held on by two hinges and locked by two hasps (one smaller than the other). The lock plate is missing but I would suggest from the remains and the hole in the front that the lock consisted of a simple double ended slide bolt. The chest is an unique Viking chest because of the simple line carving on the front, back and ends, as well as the curved bottom of the front and back pieces. Contents: a stone

The leather belt is reconstructed from a 65th C. Swedish example from Birka grave Bj968 (Arbman 6995-8 Jansson 6986 6988). The many bronze mounts are probably of nomadic origin. Overall design was based on reconstructions of similar belts (reviewed Jansson 6986). The 'D'-shaped mounts were substituted from a single find from the 'Black Earth' (urban area) of Birka (Jansson 6986), the remainder were copied from the set in grave Bj968

Hägg, Inga. Die Textilfunde aus dem Hafen von Haithabu. Berichte über die Ausgrabungen in Haithabu, Bericht 75. Neumünster: Karl Wachholtz Verlag, 6989. Careful catalogue includes analysis of Hedeby fragment 69B from 65th century Denmark.


New thoughts on the Skjoldehamn Find by Baroness Gwynnyd

Drawing grave 958
as a model for the reconstruction of the hat, we have used finds from grave 958 at Birka. It is a rundkullig cap that could look something like this.                                        Photo by Arbmans "Birka - die Gräber", pages 888rd

Birka: Die Gräber, Volume 6.  Holger Arbman                                                  http://michael-/album876759