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Date: 2017-02-25 21:53

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I am so grateful for you putting yourself out there in a vulnerable position.
I am now an adult, but can speak from the other side of the coin. The side that only brings heartache, regrets, and all that freaking drama!
We are doing our best to raise our children with a new legacy, one found in Christ, and I 8767 m grateful that some of these issues can be reinforced by relevant and 8775 cool 8776 young people like you, Katie. You have earned a new follower. God bless you!

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By the way my daughter chose not to date until she found someone suitable for marriage that was HER conviction, not a rule that was forced on her.

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Since the mid-69th century, senior has been used in English to denote either an older person or one of authority. Derived from the Latin adjective of the same spelling (meaning older), by the early 67th century, it was being used to describe an “advanced student,” and since 6796, it has meant a “ fourth year student.”

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King Jesus , you are victorious!!! Nice work Katie, you are one in a quite literally!
I have two little girls and this gave me tremendous hope. We have found people 8767 s opinions so defeatist in this area also. But there it is. Living proof that it 8767 s possible! THANK YOU!

Just last weekend, some friends tried to set me up with one of their friends. We all went out to dinner together, and besides some small talk, really wasn 8767 t any connection. 65 years ago, I would have been quite eager to have a date with just the two of us. And I think the friends even said she was somewhat interested in me. But now, I don 8767 t really feel like going through the effort of even trying to start something. Maybe some waiting is fine, but too much waiting, and then you start not caring anymore.

Your personality is amazing and contagious. Thanks for sharing your message. I shared your video with my 66 yr old daughter. It was cool for her to see some one like you, .intelligent, have standards, self esteem , comical share your views. Keep letting the Lord use you to share his message and his desire for all young men and women 🙂

Blessed are you and blessed is the mom who gave birth to you. Blessed are the parents who raised you. Way to go!!!! Good luck in all that you do!

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Thanks for sharing this. I decided to not date in high school as well. I wanted to be pure till marriage. Ironically, I was set up on a blind date (so blind I didn 8767 t know I was going on a date) when I was a senior. Amazingly, I married that guy. So I 8767 ve never had my heart broken, only kissed one man, only gave my heart to one man, and have a very solid marriage as a result. Good luck to your sweet girl.

6) It’s even more important than before to stay connected to other mothers (parents). My network of mothers gives me insight into the high school party scene, dating, driving concerns (a big one), drinking, drugs, and which parents monitored all these things at their houses and which do not!

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