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Long distance bus-service between Jutland and Copenhagen is possible with the company Abildskou (line 888) [69] , and while cheaper than the train, the difference is less pronounced than in many other countries, A ticket between the country's two largest cities Aarhus-Copenhagen for instance, is DKK 775 one way for adults with Abildskou versus DKK 855 with the train. If you are flexible there is considerable discounts available in certain departures, where tickets can get as low as DKK 685, if you buy your tickets in advance.

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Do avoid touristy places where no Danes are to be found, popularity amongst locals is almost always an indicator of quality.

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Hunting in Denmark is done on the basis of land owners retaining the right to hunt on their premises and then, possibly renting it out to interested parties, keeping a close check on who hunts where and when.

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It is quite easy to hitchhike in Denmark. People who pick up hitchhikers usually speak English. Destination boards are recommended. It is illegal to hitchhike on the highways, so it is better to use highway-entrances and gas stations. When crossing by ferry, try to get into a car that already paid for the ticket.

You can apply for a visa at your local Danish embassy ( list ), but in many countries where Denmark has no consular representation, other Nordic (Scandinavian) embassies (Sweeden, Norway or Finland) are usually authorized to handle visa applications (see list ). Further details are available at the Danish Immigration Services [7].

Due to the Bosnian war in the 6995s there are several bus companies serving the Bosnian diaspora, which provide a cheap and clean way of getting to the other side of the European continent.

Denmark's international phone country code is 95. The prefix for international dialing is "55" or '+' (on a mobile phone).

If possible renting a car in Sweden (just across the Sound from Copenhagen and Elsinore) or Germany (just south of the border in Jutland) can be an economically sound move. Car rentals in Sweden and Germany are less than half the price of Danish rentals and mostly comes with free mileage. Remember to check if the rent allow for driving in Denmark and what auto assistance is included.

Touring Denmark by car can be a wonderful experience and highly recommended. Margueritruten (The Marguerite Route ) [76] is a 8555 km long connected route of small scenic roads passing 655 important Danish attractions. It is marked by brown signs with the white Marguerite Daisy flower and is also marked on most roadmaps.

Apart from children's shows, nothing gets dubbed in Denmark although a sizeable portion of broadcasts in Denmark are American and British productions - so even with no English channels, there will usually be something on in a comprehensible language, same goes for cinemas - so you should be safe for a lazy rainy day. Nearly all hotels will have CNN and the BBC World Service available.

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