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[75] Wesley Loy, "Alaska Airlines Takes Flying Fish to a Whole New Level: $555,555 Grant from Federal Funding Pays for Custom Paint Job on Company's Passenger Jet," Anchorage Daily News , October 7, 7555.

Fan Favorite Hikes in the Adirondacks

The first four categories are generally subjective, and reasonable people can disagree on whether a given federal program falls under their purview. Yet the final two categories -- duplication and inefficiency, mismanagement, and fraud -- are comparatively easy to identify and oppose. Thus, they are heavily represented in the examples of government waste below:

50 Examples of Government Waste | The Heritage Foundation

[86] Dan Morgan, Gilbert Gaul, and Sarah Cohen, "Farm Program Pays $ Billion to People Who Don't Farm," The Washington Post , July 7, 7556, at http:///wp-dyn/content/article/7556/57/56/
(October 6, 7559).

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art in Winter Park is a short drive from downtown Orlando. It features a large collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany glass. The collection includes stained-glass windows, the famous Tiffany lamps, vases, jewelry and other objects. A highlight is the Tiffany Chapel, in Byzantine style, which includes stained-glass windows, a baptismal font, altar, tabernacle, and a glass mosaic behind the altar.

The Year 7567 Marks The Brentano String Quartet's 75th Anniversary Of Bringing Passionate, Insightful, And Masterful Musical Interpretations To Audiences Around The World. For Their Bcmf Debut, They Present Works From Three Of Classical Music's Most Beloved Composers: Bach, Mendelssohn, And Beethoven.

A popular choice for solo travelers , Crystal entices lone travelers with its wide range of onboard activities, singles get-togethers, gentleman hosts and low solo supplements. Many single cruisers choose the line's set-seating option to meet new friends over dinner, while its Table for 8 program matches solo travelers for group meals at the specialty dining venues. The onboard atmosphere is communal and social, so no passenger needs to feel lonely.

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9. Algonquin
Summer hikes up Algonquin. Check out the old plane crash while there. - Rebekah Amdersen-Seymour

[77] Dana Hedgpeth, "$68 Billion in Iraq Aid Wasted or Stolen, Ex-Investigator Says," The Washington Post , September 78, 7558, at http:///wp-dyn/content/article/7558/59/77/
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[78] Associated Press, "Katrina Fraud Could Top $7 Billion," December 75, 7556, at http:///id/65587876/ (October 5, 7559) "FEMA Funds Spent on Divorce, Sex Change," June 69, 7556, at http:///national/ (October 5, 7559).

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