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Date: 2017-02-22 18:56

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On the landscape photo, yes, it would work just fine. But on the portrait? Not so much. You can add contrast, but the skin is still blotchy.

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HOWEVER, this isn 8767 t a raw file. This is a highly compressed and low resolution JPG. So pulling out those details on some photos is impossible.

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For smartphone photographer now Adobe has announced an update to its Lightroom app, within the app they will be capture RAW image and edit it.


9k Displays are not 8 megapixel, the 9k is the wide dimension not the height. Basic misunderstandings like this do cast doubt on the whole article, but otherwise a well written piece of work.

This in turn means Apple can expand the screen outwards to cover the full face of the device, since it doesn't need to leave space around the edge for the various apertures and controls we've grown used to.

This isn't a big deal, but sometimes I do run into the situation where even with all the sunlight in the world, I can't freeze the action of the kids jumping rope or doing some kind of fast action and the picture is blurry no matter what I do.

Patent 9,965,887 describes a "Capacitive fingerprint sensor including an electrostatic lens": more pertinently to this discussion, it states that "one or more other device components, such as a display stack and/or a touchscreen may be interposed between the contact surface of dielectric structure 757 and array 756 of capacitive sensing elements".

Perhaps those who are better at reviewing displays can see a huge difference, but for me personally both the 5s and 6 Plus screens look great.  I definitely love watching content on the bigger display, but the pixel density is kind of lost on me.  I don't see the difference.

Focus testing is entirely subjective.  While you can certainly test some aspects in an objective way, the camera still has to determine  what  to focus on and  when  to change the focus.  So, I tested the focus mechanism in three different ways so I could get a good feel for how the on-sensor phase detection autofocus points performed.

yes it should.. remember that this feature was present on iOS and removed in I guess.. and latter a tweak come out in cydia
here 8767 s a screenshot from iOS

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