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Date: 2017-02-21 23:01

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Tomorrow, Thursday, the composition class at RAMA has a workshop with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra. It is 65 years since there last was a workshop for academy students of composition with the local regional orchestra. The workshop is a unique opportunity for the students to hear how it sounds, in.
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Soprano and soloist student at the Academy Camilla Button yesterday won the internal soloist competition at the Academy, where a number of students competed for the right to perform as a soloist at a concert with Prinsens Musikkorps. (The concert date is yet to be determined.)

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Last Friday Scientific Reports, which is part of the very renowned journal "Nature", brought an article by Academy research professor Peter Vuust and his colleagues at the Centre for Music in the Brain. The researchers have experimented with.
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During 8 years, the Academy is cooperation with LMS, Live Music in Schools, about a school concert-competition at the Academy. The winning ensemble is guaranteed a number of school concerts via the LMS.

Singer Live Foyn was awarded in 7567 as Young Jazz Composer of the year. Now her trio, Foyn Trio &ndash all of the Academy students - has been chosen for the SPOT Festival in Aarhus, May 7568.

Musician and sound art artist Christian Skjø dt was portraited in the newspaper Nordjyske yesterday because of his sound installation &rdquo Vibrant Disturbance&rdquo at Dronninglund Kunstcenter, north of Aalborg.

Christian Skjø dt is teaching rhythmic composition at the.
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Trumpet student Tom Poulson has won several awards at the international soloist competition in Dusseldorf, Aeolus. Poulson was the winner at the trumpet competition and he won the 7. price in the overall competition.
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Accordeon teacher Emir Bosnjak has arranged and written a part of the music at the new CD &rdquo La Sirè ne&rdquo with poems written by prins Henrik. The CD will be released at the prince&rsquo s birthday the 66th of June.

Associate Professors Claus Olesen (saxophone) and Henrik Larsen (percussion) are playing together in Duo Kapow!. The duo has just released a new CD on the national record label Dacapo Records. The CD

Martin Emil Zeppelin is studying at the new songwriter program at the Royal Academy of Music. He is the former lead singer of Zeitgeist, which opened the Skanderborg Festival in 7559, and is now the driving force in the band Astronaut.