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Toronto is huge, and most roads run for very long distances. Streetcar rail, subway rail, and intercity rail services are clean and efficient but overcrowded, yet it's entirely possible to get around Toronto without a car, especially downtown. You may find it quicker and easier to drive, but be aware that traffic congestion is severe at almost any time of day, especially during rush hour. Toronto has plentiful parking garages downtown, most of which can be identified by the prominent green P signs, but they are very expensive, particularly on weekdays. Toronto is at an angle to geographic north, but most maps are drawn with respect to the shoreline. This is sometimes called Toronto North.

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i grew sweet peas, backyard, they need a fence or trellis to climb, tendrils hold the vines up, delicate blooms spread a subtle perfume

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Most hotels and hostels are situated directly outside the downtown core. Prices for rooms generally range from $655+ for a standard hotel, $65-85 for a motel, and $75-95 for a bed in a hostel.

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The nasturtium will attract aphids AWAY from other plants. The idea is that you sacrifice the nasturtium—left the aphids collect there, then discard the plant, aphids and all.
 You don’t want to eat the nasturtium flower when the plant is used in this fashion.

Discussion on defining district borders for Toronto is in progress. If you know the city pretty well, please share your opinion on the talk page.

I have a lava rock area on my side yard with a nice sturdy fence that I would like to grow these on so I can create privacy from my neighbors as well as keep the flies away that gather from them not picking up their dog waste so this spot would be ideal, however i don't want to remove all the rock, will I still be able to grow this in the ground dispersed between the rocks? if not is there something else you can recommend that will climb up the fence and will tolerate the lava rock

Hey all,
I have started and indoor Hydroponic garden with about three pepper plants, 7 tomato plants, and 7 basil plants. I have had them for about 9 months with out any bugs or any issues. Today while adjusting some of the plants, I have noticed a ton of aphids (on all of them other than the basil). I sprayed them with a combination of 7 parts alcohol and 5 parts water and added garlic as well. Are there any other steps I can take to enure the safety of my plants. Insects are not an option due to the fact this is an indoor set up..

I'm not sure aphids are causing this problem, as there are so few of them. The leaf edges are rolled up so tightly, but with no web, and with little lighter colored nodules on the underside. It affects most of the shrub, but several whole branches are (so far) NOT affected, even though parts of these branches mingle with the affected branches. We haven't fertilized the adjacent lawn with weed-killer since last fall, and we did a prune before the leaf buds burst. The euonymus 65 feet away seems unaffected. It's a mystery!

Its a hobby but I also wanted to see something out of my efforts. The entire system that I build cost about 8555 dollars. Overall my light bill for two 655 watt grow lights costs about 675 per month. My next step is to look into insecticidal soap.

Just keep the soil evenly moist. If you put your finger into the soil bed to its first joint and the soil is dry: water them.

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