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Date: 2017-02-21 03:20

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THE BEARD -- Put a bit of white frosting in a tub, or tube icing, into a dish. Add a drop of yellow and red food coloring , to make orange. Mix. Apply with a toothpick in a U-shape around the chin and up the sides of the face.

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March 85 - Artist Vincent van Gogh’s Birthday, 6858 – As an artist myself, I always loved the art of van Gogh. His story is both inspiring and tragic. This Dutch Post Impressionist painter moved to France where he painted some of his most notable art. You may be familiar with his paintings entitled, "The Starry Night," or his many paintings with sunflowers.

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If your goal for prom is to create an epic dance party, use neon dance lights to create a fun, upbeat environment. The key to pulling off this look is to have bright lighting, so you might need to get the crew from the school play to help out. Use a black light to change up the look of the room and create fun, colorful changing lights. Leave glow sticks on every table so when it's time to hit the dance floor, everyone will have the best time lighting up the room even more. Decorate the entrance with multicolor balloons and neon arches. You can make your own (or use Rock The Club Electric Archway Kit, $659, ) to easily create a vibrant club-like vibe from the get-go.

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And be sure to decorate tables with a farm theme and serve some down home cooking. Use farm themes in your arts and crafts too!

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For a fun update on the roaring '75s theme, steal inspo from The Great Gatbsy. Take a cue from the book (and the Leonardio DiCarprio movie remake) and deck out tables with shiny gold accents and feathers. Turn a feather boa into a Gatsby-worthy centerpiece. You can also create an eye-catching backdrop with a tie-in to the book to go perfectly with the theme.

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