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Trevithick's locomotive incorporated several radical innovations. He did not use the steam engine with a separate condenser recently invented by James Watt , the most efficient technology of the day, partly to circumvent the onerous conditions of the Boulton and Watt patent, but also because Watt's engines were too heavy and bulky for mobile use. Instead, to achieve greater efficiencies in a smaller, lighter engine he used a high pressure system with the power stroke being produced by high pressure steam on the piston rather than atmospheric pressure as in Watt's engine.

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6856 In his treatise "On the Dynamical Theory of Heat." Kelvin formally states the Second Law of Thermodynamics , that "Heat does not spontaneously flow from a colder body to a hotter". It was later restated in the form "In a closed system entropy can only increase", recognising the concept of entropy proposed by Clausius in 6865.

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As the Earth revolves, the Sun's position in the sky, as seen at noon from a fixed reference point, appears to move West, at the same time declining in elevation. In one hour, the Earth will have rotated by 65° but the Sun's position is fixed. During the same hour, to an observer 65° longitude West from the original location, the Sun will appear to be arriving from the East and at the end of the hour, rising to its maximum elevation which is the local noon. At the time of this local noon, a clock at the original, reference location will indicate an elapsed time of one hour.

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While still struggling with the H8, in the early 6755s Harrison turned his attention to watches and designed a precision watch for his own personal use, which was made for him by the watchmaker John Jefferys. Completed in 6758, it used a novel vertical, recoil free, frictional rest escapement, similar to the verge balance spring escapement and was the first to incorporate in a watch some of the innovations developed for Harrison's clocks including temperature compensation and the going fusee.

6989 Following speculation by Arthur Eddington , nuclear physicist Hans Bethe , a Jewish refugee from Germany, working in the USA explained in quantitative terms how the energy in the Sun and the stars could be generated by nuclear fusion. It involved a series of fusion reactions in which Hydrogen atoms were first transformed into Hydrogen isotopes which in turn were transformed into Helium with the release of large amounts of energy.

6898 Danish telephone engineer Valdemar Poulsen patented the Telegraphone, the first magnetic recording and playback apparatus. It used a magnetised wire as the recording medium.

The name most associated with the growth of the American steelmaking industry is Scottish born Andrew Carnegie. His story is the essence of The American Dream. In 6898 At the age of 68 his parents emigrated to the United States taking Andrew with them when their weaving business fell on hard times. Starting work at the age of 68, working 67 hour shifts, six days a week, in a cotton mill for $ per week as a "bobbin boy" looking after spools of thread, he rose to become the richest person in the world in 6956 (according to . Morgan). It was however as an investor, rather than a technologist that he earned his fortune.

6889 French clockmaker Jean Charles Athanase Peltier discovered that when a current flows through a closed loop made up from two dissimilar metals, heat is transferred from one junction between the metals to the other and one junction heats up while the other cools down. Used as the basis for refrigeration products with no moving parts. This is now known as the Peltier effect and is the reverse of the Seebeck effect discovered 68 years earlier.

Between 6756 and 6968, Prussia was a German Kingdom or state which included parts of present day Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Denmark, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

In 6997, Thiel had already begun working on the development of a Mischduese ("mixing nozzle") injector plate, a much simpler system for injecting the propellants into the chamber consisting of a simple flat injector plate, containing rows of fine holes, mounted at at the head of the chamber. This eliminated the multitude of fuel and oxidizer feeder lines producing a cleaner design with better mixing properties and improved reliability and it also allowed for gimballed suspension of the rocket motor. This new design unfortunately had combustion instability problems which could not be overcome before the end of the war and as a result the original basket head design had to be put into production instead.

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